A downloadable game for Windows




 Bennett Foddy 

 “legit genius”

this is a cover of [getting over it with bennett foddy] imagine it like someone on SoundCloud with 20 followers made it

all me made in under a day as you can tell


Getting Over It with Ben Lunato.exe 33 MB


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Heyy, man I just "finished" this game and those are pretty good words, although many people consider games good by it's gameplay I consider it good by the feeling that the dev try to give to the player and that's something I had a lot in this game, I heard every single bit and I could actually feel you. You kinda just got a fan haha, every game I saw in your page looked interesting, and this one particularly got me even more interested to see how you put your feelings into the game. Ps: Is it actually possible to beat it hahaha. It looks like there is an invisible wall past the rock

Bennett finished it, i do not know how i have never played it [=. i think there is a cheat key that lets you fly