A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

so ya thought ya might like to go to the show

HAMMERS is a game that syncs up to pink floyd another brick in the wall part 2

experience the iconic song in a new way


Kris Miles


ben lunato

music by pink floyd

why not sync up your own vinyl copy of the album

HAMMERS.zip for pc requires a PC built for gaming with a dedicated GPU a GTX770 or up

HAMMERS low end PC.zip is for low end PC

HAMMERS.zip mac can run on an mid 2012 mac pro and up

both the mac and the PC low end builds are not the full experience

"I really enjoyed it."

"The game is awesome!"

"This game keeps breaking my computer"

over 200 downloads

Install instructions

unzip and play

the games INI file can be edited


HAMMERS.zip 244 MB
HAMMERS.zip 203 MB
HAMMERS low end PC.zip 244 MB
Hamers unreal engine MAC .zip 408 MB


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This game keeps breaking my computer for Mac. The game will start, a black screen appears and nothing else. I then can't switch desktops, use my mouse, command quit or anything while this happens. I can only restart my computer. I'd really love to play, any solution?

what MAC are you using, and is it updated to the latest OS? I'll try and export a version tonight that doesn't require full screen that i think will fix things

Right now I have OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on a a newer MacBook Air.

ok so i don't know a fix the way i got the game to go full screen is the problem. sorry.. I've uploaded my Mac unreal Engine file so if u have unreal Engine you can run it in there, and if someone wants to they can fix it.

I just reinstalled the game and it just freezes my computer. Hammers logo pops up, black full screen, frozen screen.

I'm sorry ]= i can't help i don't know how to fix it

I understand :( I really wanted to play Hammers though.