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This game keeps breaking my computer for Mac. The game will start, a black screen appears and nothing else. I then can't switch desktops, use my mouse, command quit or anything while this happens. I can only restart my computer. I'd really love to play, any solution?

what MAC are you using, and is it updated to the latest OS? I'll try and export a version tonight that doesn't require full screen that i think will fix things

Right now I have OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on a a newer MacBook Air.

ok so i don't know a fix the way i got the game to go full screen is the problem. sorry.. I've uploaded my Mac unreal Engine file so if u have unreal Engine you can run it in there, and if someone wants to they can fix it.

I just reinstalled the game and it just freezes my computer. Hammers logo pops up, black full screen, frozen screen.

I'm sorry ]= i can't help i don't know how to fix it

I understand :( I really wanted to play Hammers though.